A Small Group consists of 3 or more people who gather together to build community, to grow and serve together. They meet in a variety of places and cover a variety of interests.

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Sunday Morning Power-Up

Leader Name:   David Vines
Phone Number:   910.286.4830
Meeting Time:   Sundays @ 9:15-9:30 am
Location:   7-9 year old classroom
Focus:   Prayer is the fuel that propels all we do on the earth to advance God’s kingdom. We gather in the 7-9 year old classroom for 15 minutes of prayer to pray for our Sunday morning celebration – that each person would meet with and hear from God that day in our service. Here’s a Great Plan: prayer, coffee, worship!

The Kingdom

Leader Name:   Chris Hallaren & Bob Nipp
Phone Number:   757.879.2073 & 757.871.1883
Meeting Time:   Mondays 7:00 pm
Location:   Nipp's Home
Focus:   This is a DVD driven Bible study centered on the over-arching theme of Scripture – the Kingdom of God. Through this interactive study we’ll gain greater insights into the kingdom, it’s King, His rule, the enemy and God’s plan…a plan all of us are called to be a part of seeing come to pass! This is going to be great. Come join us! The Nipps will be hosting.

5 Loaves Food Pantry

Leader Name:   Jarrod January
Phone Number:   804.334.1727
Meeting Time:   4th Tuesday of Every Month @ 5:00-7:00 pm
Location:   Hampton Roads Church: 14425 Old Courthouse Way, Newport News, VA 23608
Focus:   Do you like to serve? Do you have a heart for the needy? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is the place for you! 5 Loaves operates out of Hampton Roads Church on Old Courthouse Way (Next to the Fire Station). The pantry is a Manna Church ministry partner.

Reaching Out!

Leader Name:   Christopher D. Hallaren & Bruce Ausink
Phone Number:   757.719.1488 & 757.218.9933
Meeting Time:   2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of the month
Focus:   We will be visiting first time guests to follow up and get to know them and their family. Secondly, we will go door to door in the neighborhoods off Tabbs lane asking for the opportunity to pray for people. We anticipate seeing some people healed, delivered, saved, and invited to church; but most of all just blessed by our kindness through the Spirit of God.

Fellowship in His Word

Leader Name:   Jim & Vivian Beard
Phone Number:   757.633.9294 & 757.349.9123
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm
Location:   Beard's Home
Focus:   This will be a very casual Bible study/fellowship group. Each week we’ll assign a short passage of Scripture for everyone to read/study through the week. The following week we’ll kick around thoughts, insights and questions to help us all grow in our understanding of God’s precious word. We’ll host group at our house (363 Lynchburg Dr. NN 23606) We’ll provide some light snacks. Studying God’s Word together…priceless!

Growth: A Women’s Bible Study

Leader Name:   Sue Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.719.4571
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:30am
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln Newport News VA 23602
Focus:   Ladies, please join me as we discuss and apply both natural and Biblical principles pertaining to how healthy things grow – including you and I! This will be an interactive study that will be a joy to all participants. We will be meeting at the church building.

Drinking Deep

Leader Name:   Chris Hallaren & Adam Mack
Phone Number:   757.879.2073 & 757.256.3979
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln Newport News VA 23602
Focus:   This group is all about meeting with God. We’ll gather for an hour to worship, sit in God’s presence, and grow in our capacity to simply enjoy God. The fastest way to life-transformation is through life-giving encounters with God. This is the goal of this group. Come join us as we drink deeply of Him. We’ll meet in Pastor Chris’ office.

Growth Track: First Step, Next Step, & Leader Step

Leader Name:   David Vines & Chris Hallaren
Phone Number:   910.286.4830
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays @ 9:00 pm
Location:   Google Drive & Zoom
Focus:   Manna’s Growth track exists to develop your faith, connect you to Manna’s vision and empower you to be an effective kingdom leader. We send out the Growth Track teachings every Sunday afternoon. You can view them from home at a time that’s convenient for you. On Wednesdays @ 9:00 pm we use Zoom in order to connect, discuss content and answer any questions. Our hope is for everyone at Manna to go through the 3 Growth Track phases. To sign up or ask more questions, drop by the “Manna Connect” table in back of worship center.

Golf Night

Leader Name:   Mike Marshall
Phone Number:   757.814.0452
Meeting Time:   Fridays @ 5:00 pm
Location:   Newport News Golf Course
Focus:   We’re going to build friendships as we hit 9 holes of golf. We’ll be playing on the Cardinal Course at Newport News Park. All skill levels welcome. You’ll need to bring (or rent) a set of clubs, a healthy dose of humility (golf has a way of humbling us all) and a desire to have some fun out in God’s beautiful creation. Cost will be from $8 - $20 depending on your age and whether or not you’d like to walk or rent cart.

Board Games Anyone?

Leader Name:   Jarrod January
Phone Number:   804.334.1727
Meeting Time:   3rd Friday of the Month @ 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln Newport News VA 23602
Focus:   We’ll be meeting at Manna Church one Friday evening a month to play various board games like Risk, Settlers of Catan, Axis & Allies or Talisman. This group is for people 16 years or older. Bring a snack and a drink and come ready to have some fun as we connect over some friendly competition.

Fifth Saturday Serve

Leader Name:   Jarrod January & Sue Hallaren
Phone Number:   804.334.1727 & 757.719.4571
Meeting Time:   5th Saturday of June and August @ 8:30am – 11:00 am
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln Newport News VA 23602
Focus:   Please join us as we focus on unfinished church projects. No special skills needed; just show up with a desire to serve and burn a little elbow grease! Church doors will open at 8:30am for coffee and donuts and we will finish by 11:00am. Sign up and we will try to post the projects beforehand.

Manna Youth

Leader Name:   Chris & Tatiana Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.719.1488 & 551.200.1791
Meeting Time:   1st Saturday & 3rd Wednesday Evenings
Location:   Varies
Focus:   Water Give-away and Sonic – June 15th Movie Night – July 20th Trivia Game Night – August 17th Come join us and bring a friend! Ages 12 through 18 welcome.

SERVE - Manna Worship

Leader Name:   Ben Gill
Phone Number:   757.374.2781
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln. Newport News, VA 23602
Focus:   The Manna Worship Team is passionate about glorifying God and using our musical giftings to lead the church into His presence. We want to be where the Spirit of the Lord is, because that's where true freedom, unstoppable hope, and abundant life are found! Manna Worship strives for unity and excellence, joining together to practice every week so we're prepared to lead our Sunday celebrations. Contact Ben if interested!

SERVE - Manna Kids

Leader Name:   Bruce Ausink
Meeting Time:   9:30am - 11:30am
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln. Newport News, VA 23602
Childcare:   Yes
Focus:   Our mission is, "to provide a Spirit-filled learning environment that attracts children to the message and person of Jesus Christ." This mission is backed by the Barna Research Group, as 94% of Christians in the church make their initial confession of faith by the age of 18. Manna Church's Children's Ministry uses the the best curriculum/practices, to lead and disciple its children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Serve - Production

Leader Name:   Chris D. Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.719.1488
Meeting Time:   Sundays 8:15am - 11:15am
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln. Newport News, VA 23602
Focus:   Do you have experience in running sound? Or enjoy running slides? We would love to have you on our team as we work in the background to make our services run smoothly so God can do His thing. Shoot me a text or give me a call to get more info!

Small Groups not only impacted my life...they changed my life.


Small Groups are where life happens.


Small Groups have really helped to refine and deepen my understanding of what it means to BE the Church.


The dynamic of small groups is one of the the quintessential ways of Christ to aid in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.