A Small Group consists of 3 or more people who gather together to build community, to grow and serve together. They meet in a variety of places and cover a variety of interests.

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Women's Bible Study

Leader Name:   Katherine McLean
Phone Number:   9193892324
Meeting Time:   Sundays 8:15 - 9:30 am
Focus:   Ladies, please join me for a study through the book of Acts. Digging into God’s Word together on Sunday mornings…that’s where it’s at! We’ll meet in the 5-6-year-old children’s ministry classroom.

Sunday Morning Power-Up

Leader Name:   David Vines
Phone Number:   910.286.4830
Meeting Time:   Sundays @ 9:15-9:30 am
Focus:   Prayer is the fuel that propels all that we do on the earth to advance God’s kingdom. We gather in the 7-9-year-old classroom before each Sunday celebration to ask God to meet with and speak to each person that attends that morning. Please join us!

Growth Track: First Step, Next Step, & Leader Step

Leader Name:   David Vines & Chris Hallaren
Phone Number:   910.286.4830
Meeting Time:   Sundays After Morning Service
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Manna Growth Track is designed to facilitate your growth as a healthy follower of Jesus Christ. This is a DVD/Discussion formatted group. You’ll catch Manna’s DNA and be empowered to lead as you discover more clearly God’s call on your life. We meet in a few of Manna’s children’s ministry rooms right after Sunday service.

The Daniel Plan

Leader Name:   Ben Gill
Phone Number:   757.374.2781
Meeting Time:   Mondays @ 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Location:   326 Tabbs Ln. Newport News VA 23602
Focus:   The Daniel Plan is a groundbreaking lifestyle program founded on biblical principles like Faith, Friends and Food. Join this life-giving group where all can learn to live these health principles in a supportive environment. We’ll meet at Manna Church for seven weeks, from September 23 – November 4th.

Scripture & Snacks

Leader Name:   Andrew McDade & Ellen McDade
Phone Number:   757.504.8333 & 757.599.2888
Meeting Time:   Mondays @ 7:00 pm
Location:   229 Shoe Lane, Newport News
Focus:   This will be a casual time to hang out, pray and study the Sermon on the Mount together with some delicious snacks! We’ll talk about the Sermon itself, as well as the Jewish culture of Jesus’ day, in order to understand how it applies to our lives today. See you there! (229 Shoe Lane, NN)

House of Prayer

Leader Name:   Chris Hallaren & Yolonda Vines
Phone Number:   757.879.2073 & 910.797.0571
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays @ 6:30-8:30 am
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” Join us for a time of prayer, worship and Scripture reading. Your welcome to come for 30 minutes, an hour or whatever time works for you. We meet at the church building in Pastor Chris’ office.

Shape Up

Leader Name:   Tatiana Hallaren & Sue Hallaren
Phone Number:   551.200.1791 & 757.719.4571
Meeting Time:   Tuesdays @ 10:00 - 11:00 am
Location:   Denbigh Community Center
Focus:   How about a little toning and strengthening while you fellowship? Meet us behind the Denbigh Community Center. We’ll be using the outdoor exercise stations on the property. Real quality equipment! Wondering about bringing your Kids? There’s a great playground right there!

Reaching Out!

Leader Name:   Christopher D. Hallaren & Samuel Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.719.1488
Meeting Time:   2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
Focus:   Join us for a variety of outreaches. We’ll visit Manna guests as well as use prayer, acts of service, giveaways and other means to share the gospel. On the 4th Tuesdays we’ll join in with Five Loaves food pantry and serve there. Our passion is that none would perish!

5 Loaves Food Pantry

Leader Name:   Jarrod January
Phone Number:   804.334.1727
Meeting Time:   4th Tuesday of Every Month @ 5:00-7:00 pm
Location:   Hampton Roads Church: 14425 Old Courthouse Way, Newport News, VA 23608
Focus:   Do you like to serve? Do you have a heart for the needy? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is the place for you! 5 Loaves operates out of Hampton Roads Church on Old Courthouse Way (Next to the Fire Station). The pantry is a Manna Church ministry partner.

Family Life

Leader Name:   Chris & Sue Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.879.2073 & 757.719.4571
Meeting Time:   Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm
Location:   161 Shasta Dr. Newport News
Focus:   Christian Family Life. What exactly does that look like? How do we build a healthy family life? Answers to these questions and much more will be taught and discussed as we meet each week. Chris and Sue, who’ve been building a family for over 33 years, are excited to host this interactive small group in the hopes that each participant will come away with a few new ideas and lots of encouragement to keep plowing on the home front! (161 Shasta Dr. NN)

Manna Youth

Leader Name:   Chris & Tatiana Hallaren
Phone Number:   757.719.1488 & 551.200.1791
Meeting Time:   1st Friday & 3rd Wednesday Evenings
Location:   Varies
Focus:   We will be meeting on the first Friday and 3rd Wednesday of each month. We’ll be digging into God’s Word and having some fun! Come join us and bring a friend. Corn maze and Christmas cookies are right around the corner! Ages 12 through 18 welcome.

Celebrating Sisterhood

Leader Name:   Meredith Stuart
Phone Number:   757.234.1817
Location:   Varies
Focus:   Ladies, come join us for some evenings of fellowship and fun! September 14th - Coffee Night @ Panera @ 7:00 pm. November 16th - Jewelry Making Party. Location TBD @ 7:00 pm. December 14th - Walking Through Williamsburg. Meet @ Manna @ 6:30 pm.

Sisterhood Saturdays

Leader Name:   Susan Hallaren & Meredith Stuart
Phone Number:   757.719.4571 & 757.234.1817
Location:   Manna Church
Focus:   One Saturday a month (Oct. 13th, Nov.10th, and Dec. 1st) @9:30-11:00am Come join us at Manna as we learn some life lessons from the Lord through the lives of others. Each time we gather, we’ll be sharing a nice brunch. Ladies, you don't want to miss this!

Men’s Mettle

Leader Name:   Victor Krus
Phone Number:   910.723.0989
Meeting Time:   2nd Saturdays of Month
Focus:   Join the Men’s METTLE small group. Mettle is defined as a person's ability to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. Manna METTLE-Men Encouraged Through Tough Life-Encounters. We’ll share a meal and life together from 08:30-10:30am @ Manna Church; on alternating months we will have an activity/service work to demonstrate servanthood to the world around us.

Small Groups not only impacted my life...they changed my life.


Small Groups are where life happens.


Small Groups have really helped to refine and deepen my understanding of what it means to BE the Church.


The dynamic of small groups is one of the the quintessential ways of Christ to aid in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.